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Artificial Grass /Plants:

Valley Wide Landscape and Concrete LLC, specializes in artificial grass and plants that will offer you guaranteed service covering all aspects of enquiries made. The choice of products available for artificial flowers and grass/turf suppliers are of very high quality and you can be assured the areas for your purchases will be brightened up. You wont be disappointed.

With all installs you will see value for money and see how the products purchased, fit and blend into the areas where needed to make a very impressive display for all to see. Best of all, the plants stay in the same condition all the year round with minimal maintenance required.

  • No weather limited: It can be used in any climates, no matter rain or snow. All weather used.
  • a9
  • Environment-friendly: All materials are accord with environmental protection requirement; artificial turf surface can be reused.
  • Natural appearance: Artificial turf adopted the principle of bionics production, so there is no big difference between the natural and the artificial.
  • Durability: Durable service, no fading, especially suitable for the primary sites for higher frequency.
  • Easy to install and maintain.
  • Block Walls.
  • All Brick Work.
  • Full on Masonry.
  • Wall Masonry.
  • Flat Stone and more.
  • Outside Fire-pits, Fireplaces and custom Bars.

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Not only do we value your property, but we take great pride in our services and take our business image seriously. Valley Wide Landscape and Concrete LLC, is fully licensed, Bonded and insured.

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